3 Major Reasons to Shift to Natural Car Air Fresheners

3 Major Reasons to Shift to Natural Car Air Fresheners

One factor that helps create a full experience for any individual is the scent of their surroundings. A lot of people associate certain moments or memories when they smell specific scents. This phenomenon happens because our sense of smell is closely associated with the limbic system of our brain.

Many homeowners and businesses love using scents to get their visitor's attention by using different fragrances to trigger emotional and memorable responses. Car freshener manufacturers, in particular, ply that particular phenomenon to be able to sell their products.

Many car fresheners in the market smell great. However, most use harmful chemicals that are neither safe for your health nor the environment. Because of these dangerous properties, it's better to find the best natural car air freshener that you can use to keep your car smelling fresh all day.

Here are three major reasons you need to switch to a natural car air freshener:


Most car fresheners use dangerous chemicals

Car fresheners are easily accessible and are usually found in places like gasoline stations, grocery shops, and convenience stores. However, these products, while it may be relatively cheaper, use harmful chemicals to affect your health and the environment.

Paraben and Phthalates are two excessively harmful and toxic ingredients that you can commonly find in these car fresheners. Unfortunately, these chemicals are used in high-concentrates in commercial perfumes and are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Lastly, another typical chemical used is Petrochemicals, which are derived from petroleum and natural gases. This chemical is particularly dangerous because it gravely affects the environment and can trigger allergies, such as eczema or rashes, and even induce an asthma attack.


Natural air fresheners don't use any of those harmful chemicals

The chemicals mentioned have horrible effects on you and your environment as well. This could add up to the carbon footprint you leave on our planet. When you use sustainable products such as natural air fresheners, you'll feel comfortable knowing that only the best and safest ingredients are used. 

Sustainable air fresheners only use essential oils and fragrance blends that are collected and processed safely. Because these use only high-quality natural ingredients, you can guarantee that these are safe for your body to inhale and won't trigger any severe illnesses.


There is a wide variety of natural fragrances to choose from

The great thing about using natural air fresheners is that you are using natural ingredients to make your car smell great. You can choose from a variety of options and, if you're lucky, you'll find different blends that make each scent unique.

Another great thing about these sustainable fresheners is the fact essential oils have benefits for your body. Some scents promote a calmer state, can improve energy levels, and even improve your mood.



Choosing the safer option and using natural car fresheners will not only do good for your body, but it also has benefits for the environment. You'll be staying away from harmful chemicals that both affect your body and can harm the people around you. Aside from the reasons listed above, natural car air fresheners will leave a lasting impression on those who ride with you. Choose a scent for a road trip and create memories with this scent that you'll keep close to your heart for years. 

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