3 Strong Car Odors and How to Combat These

3 Strong Car Odors and How to Combat These

People love buying brand new cars because of that signature fresh-from-the-dealership scent. The distinctive fragrance is pretty much the best natural car air freshener that beats everything on the market. Most car owners wish they could preserve this smell forever, as its unaltered scent makes for a clean sensation.

While the new car smell is phenomenal, the fragrance doesn’t last. When exposed to clothes, dirt, detailing, and the outside world, the scent slowly fades away. As sad as this is, think of it as a way to make your car have a scent you like. Car fresheners will be a great way to create a pleasant driving experience.


The Strongest Car Odors

Cars will often pick up plenty of odors during its life. If you continue driving your car or buy a second hand one, you’ll eventually want to fix it with an auto detailing service or even a natural organic car air freshener product. Here are some strong sources of car odors you might encounter during your ownership:

 1: Residue On Floor Mats

We bring our shoes everywhere, and there is no doubt that dirt and even animal droppings can stick to the soles. We typically drag organic material into our cars, and these will stain the floor mats. These materials can cause strong odors to develop. Nothing smells worse than tracking fecal matter into a car, which is why it pays to watch where you step.

A great way to remove this smell is to wash the mats right away and air out the car for a while to dissipate lingering odors. Then, bring out a vacuum cleaner and use it on the interior to give it a deeper clean. Afterward, put a car air freshener inside to add a new touch of scents.

2: Old Food or Food Containers

Old food will spoil when left inside a car under the sun. When this happens, it will generate a rotting scent that permeates the vehicle, making any further car trips intolerable. If you eat in the car, always make sure to toss out food wrappers, containers, and vacuum crumbs after use. Any small item that falls inside your seats or hard to reach places will cause a rotting scent, especially if these are fresh foods and produce.

The best way to remove the scent of rotting food is to air out the car and put a batch of charcoal in a cup under the car’s seats. Charcoal neutralizes all kinds of odors and can restore a car’s scent to its former glory. Use a natural organic car air freshener to add a pleasant smell after the foul odors are all gone.

 3: Cigarette Smoke

If you are a smoker and looking to sell your car, this might be difficult, as smoke from cigarettes heavily adheres to car seats. If you have fabric car seats, it will be more challenging to remove the scents than leather ones. Leather can usually be detailed easily and wiped down. It will also help to stick charcoal bricks all over the car to remove the odors. Fabric seats and upholstery may require a full-on car detailing service to do a deeper clean using proper equipment. 



These three odors are potent and can affect the overall smell of your vehicle. Leaving these scents unattended might cause them to stick to surfaces almost permanently, which can make it practically impossible to remove. By clearing your car of all items and cleaning it regularly, you will ensure a pleasing interior scent to your cars.

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