5 DIY Scenting Tricks to Enjoy Autumn All Year Round

5 DIY Scenting Tricks to Enjoy Autumn All Year Round

Everyone has a favorite season. A drop or rise in the temperature can be enough to let you know that the seasons are shifting. For some people, specific seasons evoke happy memories and put an extra skip in their step with the changing of colors of the leaves. Depending on your personality and your past experiences, you may look forward to certain months out of the year over all the others.

Take autumn, for example. Plenty of people fall in love with the chilly weather, orange trees, and pumpkin spice’s different scent in the air. Perhaps what sets each season apart is the aromas that we associate with them. Some people can sense the seasons changing just by the shift in the scent of the trees. Others mark the season by bringing out cinnamon-scented candles and baking apple pies. 

If you can’t wait for autumn to come around each year, here are several ways you can bring the season closer with some scenting tricks:

 1: Bake a pie 

Nothing says autumn quite like a freshly baked pumpkin pie. Fruit pies are also a popular treat, especially if you plan to visit a friend or family member over the holiday break. You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving, you can whip up this fall-inspired pumpkin pie and fool your senses into thinking it's already November!

 2: Bring in some natural decor

When fall arrives, pick up some pinecones and bring them into your home. Their natural, woody scent will fill your home and leave you feeling like it's autumn all year round. If you don’t have pinecones in your area, leave out some cinnamon sticks or vanilla pods. These can conjure up thoughts of autumn just as easily.

 3: Sip a pumpkin spice latte

You don’t have to wait until your local coffee shops break out the fall-themed beverages. You can make your own pumpkin spice latte with this simple recipe. The ingredients are simple and widely available, so there’s no reason to have to have to wait until October to sip your own autumn-inspired concoction.

 4: Put an autumn-scented car freshener

You probably spend hours each day driving to and from work or doing a school run. Why not make the drive a little more pleasant with happy fall memories? Pick up an all-natural autumn-themed car freshener like this one by Buffalo Scents, made with organic materials and essential oils. Whether you’re on a long drive or stuck in traffic commuting, this will keep you in a holiday mood!

 5: Use a fall-scented perfume

Scents can have a strong influence on your mood. Arouse happy fall memories by picking out a perfume with notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, or vanilla to wear. You can also rub a couple of drops of natural essential oils like juniper berry or nutmeg on your wrists to get a whiff of fall throughout the day.           

You don’t have to wait another nine months to enjoy your favorite time of the year. If thoughts of rustling leaves and sweet-smelling pies make you happy, then you will enjoy having these aromas at home, in your bag, or in your car. With a few scenting tricks, you can bring a piece of autumn with you all year round.  

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