5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bad Car Odors - Our Guide

5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bad Car Odors - Our Guide

As a car owner, you naturally want your car to look and smell good—which is why you should give it the regular car wash it needs. However, sometimes, bad odors and strong smells are still able to find their way to its interior, creating an unpleasant experience for you and everyone riding with you.

It can be frustrating to smell that pungent odor, especially if you’re about to get on the road and travel for a couple of hours. Road trips are meant to be enjoyed—so to help you get on top of the smelly situation, here are five ways you can try to remove the bad odors and keep your car smelling fresh for the road.


  1. Leave Charcoal Briquettes in Your Car


Charcoal is made of pure carbon, and it’s a popular home remedy for removing unpleasant odors and absorbing toxins in the air. Just like how it’s used in refrigerators, you can also use it in your car to eliminate tough smells.  

What you need to do is smash charcoal briquettes and put them in open bags or containers. Place these inside your car and let it stay there overnight. Because charcoal is porous, it will absorb the smelly molecules in the air in no time!


  1. Spray Vinegar Cleaning Solution


Despite its harsh smell, vinegar is also useful in removing foul smell in your car. However, you need to mix it with water because it can damage your car’s carpet or leather if used on its own! You can spray your vinegar cleaning solution on the foul-smelling area or wipe it with a wet cloth.

Aside from this, you can also leave it in an open cup or bowl inside your car so that it can overpower even the strongest of scents.


  1. Sprinkle Baking Soda on Problem Areas


If the bad odor in your car is caused by a beverage spill or even vomit, using baking soda is your best bet. It’s an abrasive and alkaline powder that naturally consumes pungent smells and washes out stains.

All you have to do is clean the area, sprinkle water on it, and scatter the powder on it. Allow it to try, and then after a few hours, vacuum the dried powder.


  1. Use the Appropriate Cleaning Product


You can also resort to the standard way of cleaning your car’s interior, which is by deep cleaning your carpets. However, you should remember to use only cleaning products that are specifically made for auto furnishings! 

Additionally, it’s smart to always check whether the cleaner you have is effective against the odor you want to get rid of. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and, if necessary, dilute the cleaner to avoid damaging your carpet.


  1. Keep Air Fresheners in the Car


After you have made sure that the stinky spots have been taken care of and the whole interior is clean, it’s time to add air fresheners and other fragrances to keep your vehicle smelling fresh. Don’t use it when the bad smell is there as it can only make the odor stronger and even give you headaches!

Moreover, take into consideration the people who will be riding along with you and their preferences when it comes to scents. Avoid strong fragrances as these can make your passengers nauseous throughout the trip. Lastly, it’s a smart idea to consider scents made from natural oils, that not only make your auto smell good but also enhance the air inside.



Most of the tips we mentioned above involve materials that you can easily find in your homes. That said, we hope that these gave you an idea on how to successfully eliminate the offensive smell inside your car. The processes may require some work and extra patience for you, but once you hit the road, you will realize that it was all worth it. Enjoy the fresh smell—and the excited chatter from the gang!

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