7 Reasons Your Car Has an Unpleasant Smell - What To Know

7 Reasons Your Car Has an Unpleasant Smell - What To Know

Road trips with family and friends are undoubtedly fun and memorable. However, when there’s a nasty smell in your car, it could be an indicator of something that’s gone faulty in your vehicle. This is why it’s vital to pay attention to the way your car smells because this will help you track down the culprit and resolve the issue.

In this article, we will share seven likely reasons there’s an unpleasant smell in your vehicle:

 1: Gas Leak

Do you smell gas while driving? If you do, you must find a safe area to pull over and determine the problem. There could be an extremely dangerous gas leak, and because this is flammable, make sure you resolve it right away.

 2: Mold

Indeed, mold can grow almost anywhere, and that includes inside your vehicle. Even if you think there’s zero mold presence in your car after checking nearly every corner and still haven’t found the source of the smell, you may want to look inside your vents.

 3: Dirty HVAC Air Filter

Remember that your car doesn’t straight away suck in air from outside and pump it directly into your ride—it goes through a filter to purify the air. The problem is, depending on how hard it’s working, it’s easy for the HVAC system to suck in pollen, dirt, moisture, and other elements that can make it a breeding ground that can emit a musty smell. For this reason, make sure you change your air filter at least once a year to have clean and fresh air inside your car!

 4: Dead Animal

Animals like a mouse, snakes, and other pests can get inside a vehicle. These animals don’t just come to your car for the ride, but they’re also there because they found a good shelter from the outdoor elements. For this reason, make sure your vehicle is always clean before starting your journey!

 5: Coffee Stains

You know the spilled coffee from a month ago that you never took the time to clean? It smelt good at first because your vehicle had a coffee scent, but after a while, it turned into something you wouldn’t even brew in the first place. This is why you must deal with the coffee stains immediately so that it doesn't stain and give off nasty odors.

 6: Old Food

If you have a habit of leaving food in your car, this may be the primary source of that nasty smell. The problem with this is that even if you take out the rotten food, the smell will continue lingering for days or even weeks. So, it’s better you don’t leave any food inside the car, otherwise, you’ll turn it into a stinky ride!

 7: Dirty Clothes

It is indeed convenient to have your gym bag always in your car when you feel motivated to hit the gym after work, right? However, this becomes a problem when you don’t take the sweaty clothes out of the bag and leave it in your car for days or even weeks. This is because dirty outfits will easily emit musty smells that will chase away anyone from entering your car!



Your car should always smell good, especially if you use it to commute daily or go on trips with family and friends. Being mindful of these smells is important because it will help you find the main culprit that can keep you safe and healthy even while you’re on the road. It also won’t hurt to invest in an air freshener to make your car smell even better.  

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