A Guide to Removing Traces of Vomit In Your Car

A Guide to Removing Traces of Vomit In Your Car

If you own a car, then you’ve probably experienced being a designated driver at one point. That means you’ve had to nourish yourself strictly with a cup of soda, water, or just one beer for the entire night. While this can be boring, the irritating part is driving all the intoxicated ones home. When people can’t take the alcohol anymore, what usually happens is a vomit fest inside your car.

We can all agree that vomit is disgusting. It is chunky, hard to clean, and smells horrible. Vomiting on a bed is easier to clean the next day, as you just need to change sheets for the most part. However, car owners who have had their cars strung with vomit know the difficulties. With a night out drinking, or even driving a child who gets motion sick, they will inevitably be vomiting in your car.


Removing Vomit From Your Car Upholstery

If you own a car with a leather interior, you will likely have an easier time cleaning up. If you use a rag to scrape out chunks and toss it out immediately, the debris won’t stick to the upholstery. A soak with a wet rag for leather can clean up excess vomit, which should be vacuumed up as soon as you finish cleaning out the bigger food pieces.

For cars with fabric upholstery, having a seat cover is a great way to save the vomit from seeping deep into the textiles. If you do not have one to save your precious seats, start by scooping out vomit with a spatula and collect it in a bucket for easy disposal. Be careful not to push the liquids into the seats, as these will cause your car to develop horrible odors and cause bacterial buildup. Use paper towels to soak up the remaining moisture and then keep blotting it to remove all traces.


Use Baking Soda and Charcoal to Neutralize Odors 

The revolting odors will linger, and the concoction of consumed foods and drinks with stomach acids can make anyone lightheaded. This part is where baking soda and charcoal comes into the picture. Baking soda should be used on fabric upholstery and left to sit for 30 minutes to neutralize odors. For leather seats, baking soda won’t work, but the best thing to do is leave a bucket of charcoal inside your car overnight while airing it out a bit. Water with baking soda can also work with neutralizing car odors on leather if you do not have charcoal.


After the Storm

When you’ve cleaned up chunks of vomit and neutralized most of the scents that come with it, it will be useful to use a natural car air freshener that uses essential oils. These natural ingredients will cause fewer conflicts with the nose when mixed with the lingering smell of bile. These products will allow your car to start smelling pleasant and remove any sour odors that can follow days after cleaning. By using all-natural air fresheners for cars, your nose will thank you.



Cleaning vomit must be done right away, and the more there is in your car, the more pungent the odors will be. By doing a deep clean and utilizing these home-based methods to neutralize the scents caused by vomiting, you can save your car from further damage. Use an all-natural air freshener for cars to keep the sweet smell alive after a night of mishaps.

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