Freshen Up Your Mood - 3 Ways Smell Affects Your Body and Mind

Freshen Up Your Mood - 3 Ways Smell Affects Your Body and Mind

The smell of rain often makes people want to bury themselves under cozy covers, where hot cocoa can perfume the air and create a homey vibe. Others are livened up by the first whiff of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning, while the smell of baked bread is enough to make the mouth water.

Putrid stench coming from the trash is enough to put anyone in a sour mood, which proves that smell affects your brain more than meets the eye. With that in mind, the article aims to make sense of scents by seeing how it impacts the brain.


How Do Scents Affect Your Brain?

It’s common to associate scents with a certain image, memory, or mood, but what are the inner workings that bridge the connection between your nose and your brain? It all starts with the brain’s hippocampus, which is a part of the limbic system. It’s a neural network that is responsible for processing emotions and formulating responses.

Seeing as smell processing is tightly linked to the hippocampus, it’s no surprise that smells and your emotions are bound to entangle. The hippocampus is also where short-term memories slowly become a long-term memory, which is also why smelling something familiar brings you back - be it a scent from your childhood, ex-lover, or your mom’s shampoo.


How Do Scents Impact Your Emotions?

As mentioned above, many smells can take you on a trip down memory lane as different scents evoke memories - from the sweet scent of your grandma’s freshly-baked cookies, the earthy incense you always get from churches, and more.  

The way you associate the smell with memory can trigger your emotions, so depending on your interaction, it can evoke positive or negative emotions. However, many smells can also influence your current mood. The pleasing perfume of vanilla, jasmine, or lavender, for instance, can immediately put you in a relaxed state. 

The acrid odor of garbage, on the other hand, can dampen the mood and leave you feeling frustrated, dirty, and even cramped. That’s why smelling the “cleanliness” in the air using aroma diffusers can act as a pick-me-up, so it’s no surprise that wellness spas utilize aromatherapy.


A Whiff of Environmental Fragrancing

The smell of pizza wafting through the air is enough to make people feel like they can eat a whole box to themselves, which is surprisingly a persuasive sales tactic for various retailers. It’s easy to turn down words and visuals, but once your nose agrees, there’s no denying that people tend to indulge - from giving into another slice to purchasing perfumes that make you feel attractive.


The Bottom Line: Investing in a Quality Air Freshener Can Impact Your Mood in More Ways than One

Smells can affect the brain in various ways - from influencing your mood, bringing memories back, affecting your purchasing decisions, and even boosting concentration. Adding air fresheners that smell like peppermint, strawberry, or lavender, for example, are great perfumes that can clear your mind during a long commute.  

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