How To Keep Your Car Smelling Good - Best Natural Car Air Freshener

How To Keep Your Car Smelling Good - Best Natural Car Air Freshener

Frequent car usage can lead to a bad smell over time. Add to that your sweaty kids, pets, and a smoking companion. Your car will eventually have that irritating odor no matter how much you take care of it, and it is a normal part of car ownership. If not addressed immediately, this stench can get annoying. Fortunately, there are several ways you can improve the smell of your car, and you do not have to overspend to keep your car fresh all the time.


Removing the Smell

Here are some ideas on how to eliminate that unpleasant odor in your car:


Use baking soda to remove unwanted odors

Baking soda is a gem in any kitchen. It can help clean and remove unwanted odors to a lot of things, including your car. Acids usually cause a bad smell, and baking soda is good at neutralizing these acids. When a reaction between these two substances occurs, another substance forms that deplete the existing odor.

To use it, you only need to sprinkle the powder to your car seat and carpet, scrub, and leave it overnight. Vacuum the remains the next day, and you will have a fresher car to drive.


Clean up your car 

Maintain a pleasant smell coming from within by making your car litter and dirt-free. Regularly vacuum your car and clean up spots like spills in cup holders, your seats, dashboards, and everything else you see inside. If you do not have the time to do this on your own, you can always schedule regular cleaning with your trusted carwash.


Use charcoals to absorb the smell
You might have heard about the power of charcoal briquettes. Besides removing odor from your fridge, it can also help remove both smell and moisture from your car. It is simple to use. Just leave it inside your vehicle and let it absorb every odor it can.


Driving with open windows

One natural method to release all the smell inside is to drive with your windows open. You can do this once in a while, and Mother Earth will do its job.


Making Your Car Smell Good 

Sometimes, you also need to add a little effort to change the bad smell to a pleasant smell. Here are some suggestions:


Dryer sheets for a fresh smell

This hack is a simple and effective way to enhance the smell of your car. Open a box of a dryer sheet and let the scent crawl through your vehicle. Put the box at the front seat, and your car will be smelling fresh for a long time.


Essential oils for a healthy option

If you have essential oils at home, you can also use it to improve the smell of your car. Drop a generous amount of oil in a clay disc and let it absorb the liquid. Then, place it in your car and enjoy the therapeutic and natural aroma it brings.


Unlit scented candle for a sweet-smelling car

If you have a scented candle you are not using at home, why not display it in your car instead? The smell it has is a good substitute for car freshener.


Air fresheners are always a great option

Air fresheners are the go-to answer for making the car smell better. There are different types, kinds, and scents available, so go for the one you like. Make sure to also put it in an area where the air flows freely like the dashboard or by the rearview mirror.



Keeping your car clean and fresh all the time is for your and your passengers’ benefit. It can help you focus and enjoy your driving, and a pleasant smell can always help improve your mood. Avoid the embarrassment that unpleasant car odor can bring you. Follow our suggestions and make your car smell good all the time.

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