Keep Your Rides Fresh - 3 Ways to Make Your Car Smell Better

Keep Your Rides Fresh - 3 Ways to Make Your Car Smell Better

Traveling from point A to point B in a vehicle that traps the smell of sweat, air pollution, food, and other lingering odors can take a toll on the mind and make for an uncomfortable ride. Old air fresheners trying to mask the scent with strong, headache-inducing fragrances, but modern designs utilize natural oils to get rid of the scent without overpowering the senses.

While air fresheners can do wonders in creating a pleasant journey, finding ways to air out your vehicle's interiors is just as crucial if you want to keep your car smelling great. With that in mind, the tips below should give a rundown on the best ways to eliminate putrid odors and keep your car fresh wherever the road takes you.


Tip #1: Open the Windows to Air Out the Trapped Odors

Smells often linger due to a lack of air circulation, and while air vents can take out a significant portion, it’s better to help with the load by opening the windows when you can. This will invite fresh air to flow into your car, allowing you to remove pungent odors festering in your vehicle.

Keep in mind that it’s best to do this at home or in places that are not heavily polluted. Rolling the windows down while you’re stuck in gridlock on the highway can make matters worse due to the greenhouse effect.


Tip #2: Clean the Upholstery and Mats

Scents often stick to fabrics and other upholstery, even if you air it out. By removing the initial layer of smells, it’s time to dig deeper and clean your interior to remove any residual smells found on the chairs and mats.

Vacuum the upholstery to eliminate dust bunnies holding down the unpleasant odor, while the carpeting should be washed and dried every so often. Spray a baking soda and water solution to remove any stains from spills, though vinegar mixed with water can be just as effective in eliminating unwanted odors.


Tip #3: Use Natural Oils to Freshen Your Car

After removing the unpleasant smells inside your vehicle, you can elevate the experience by spritzing the air with air fresheners from natural oils. It comes with disinfectant properties that can eliminate a significant number of pathogens in your car, all while circulating pleasantly relaxing notes - from floral, woody, and more.


The Bottom Line: Fresh Ways to Ensure Your Car Smells Clean and Delightful

Investing in air fresheners can make all the difference in your journey as it can keep the air inside your car clean and fragrant, allowing you to drive in a well-kempt ambiance.


How Can We Help Elevate Your Driving Experience?

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