Using Air Fresheners - 4 Health Risks You Should Know

Using Air Fresheners - 4 Health Risks You Should Know

Having a car freshener inside your vehicle is a simple yet efficient way to splash a pleasant scent around your car without much cleaning. Although it’s a lifesaver for unkempt car owners and bus drivers, the ordinary tree freshener is hiding secrets you may not know. The pleasant scent of this type of air fresheners is far from being natural. Their fragrance can negatively affect the body, causing migraines, dizziness, and other health complications.


The hidden dangers of traditional air fresheners

Most commercial air fresheners use chemical ingredients to have that long-lasting scent. You can even check its components to see that there’s no mention of natural elements. It’s a sign that it has a synthetic fragrance, which has disastrous consequences when inhaled. Most of these synthetic chemicals are petroleum derivatives, such as Aldehydes and Toluene, that create various health complications.

If you still don’t believe the severity of your car freshener’s harmful effects, here are four reasons you should avoid using them:


  1. Weakens your respiratory system

All scents affect the respiratory system. Natural fragrances can promote better respiratory health. However, your systems and organs can receive adverse effects when exposed to synthetic elements. A study from the American Journal of Medicine reveals that exhalation volume drops to 58% when exposed to artificial colognes. That is an alarming figure when you consider people with asthma and other respiratory ailments.


  1. Affects your nervous system

If you’re going on a long drive, having synthetic car fresheners may contribute to your fatigue. Your nervous system is responsible for maintaining your emotions, such as your fight-or-flight response. Fragrance chemicals enter through your airways, making it easy for them to travel to your brain’s limbic section, which controls the nervous system. The presence of toxic chemicals increases your blood pressure and heartbeat while heightening stress and anxiety levels in some individuals.


  1. Compromises your immune system

The toxic elements in these products put you at risk of health complications. A study on these fragrance chemicals shows that isoeugenol and cinnamal are contaminants that induce abnormal cell proliferation. At worst, cancer cells can come from these abnormal cells, spreading the harmful effects on different organs. Further studies show that these products can contain styrene, a carcinogen that is a catalyst for different types of cancer.


  1. Damages your reproductive system

Besides compromising your immune system, these synthetic chemicals can also be damaging to young and adult passengers. Some fragrance products contain phthalates which cause hormonal imbalances in our bodies. It can put girls at risk of early puberty while increasing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer for older women. Besides hormonal changes, men can experience damage to their sperm DNA, reducing their sperm motility.



The dangers of these fragrance products outweigh the fresh scents that they market to consumers. Thankfully, there are alternative products in the market that can keep your cars smelling clean without the consequence of putting your body in danger. Organic air fresheners that don’t use petroleum derivatives can help keep your vehicle a safe and fragrant place for you and your passengers.

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