What Does Your Car Scent Say About Your Personality

What Does Your Car Scent Say About Your Personality

There’s no doubt that there are individual bits and pieces in any car that make the vehicle itself unique concerning how it’s a direct representation of how its owner is like.

From the choice of paint that you go for to the other little cosmetic details and power upgrades you invest in, what you choose to do with your car undoubtedly determines what type of driver and person you are. As you become more attached to your vehicle and how it reflects your personality, it’ll be clear that even the smallest of details can go a long way. 

Among the different quirks and unique characteristics that speak volumes about the type of person or driver that you are, however, there’s one that resounds louder than you might expect: the scent of your ride.  

What your car’s scent probably says about you

You may not realize it at first, but the way your car smells says much more about who you are as a driver and a person even though you don’t typically see it.  

Sure, you might think that your sweet new paint job, body kit, or rims say that you’re a cool car owner that pays attention to the details. Yet, all of these are bound to be overlooked if the interior smells like something died inside. Although you can’t smell it because you’ve gotten used to the whole ordeal, a first-time passenger like a friend, family member, or date (or even your boss) will, which is a turn-off that you don’t want to give.

Alternatively, having a car that smells good will reassure someone that you’re a clean and kempt person who cares about the way they feel when you take them for a ride. Whether you’ve got a pine or citrus sensation going on, a fragrant scent will always do you much more good than bad!

With all this talk about car scents, the chances are that you’ve got this question in mind as well: “What does my car scent say about me?”

In the sections below, we will share three car scents that have common personality types associated with them (most of which you might want to associate yourself with):  

Scent #1: Cool Citrus Basil

This gives an image that you’re a driver who isn’t afraid to tap into their sensitive side: you enjoy the niceties of being on the road, bringing people along with you, and taking in the natural sights and smells of every drive. Just like this scent, you’re balanced but take pride in your unique character that oozes right into the room so that the people around you are as relaxed and pleased as you are. In essence, you’re the balancing force that everyone relies on when the time comes.

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Scent #2: Citronella 

For most people who know you, you’re seen as the “prepared camper” equipped with the skills and capabilities to take on any challenge. Aside from being a breath of fresh air cherished by your passengers, you’re also the one who isn’t shy to take charge if the need to do so arises. Although you don’t like taking up the spotlight, you can’t help it because everyone is bound to cherish your presence!

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Scent #3: Lavender Fields

Although you may not necessarily be as outspoken as the two mentioned above, you still take pride in your contagious ability to remain calm. Instead of having a strong trait that defines who you are, you’re well-loved and enjoyed by those in the passenger seat and far outside of your car because of how you go with the flow and stay cool, calm, and collected. 

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While the visual aspects of your car may seem like they say much about who you are as a person and driver on the road, none are more evident of your real personality than the scent of your car. With this guide’s help, you can verify your true, underlying personality traits or make the necessary adjustments so that your vehicle smells the way it should!

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