Why You Can't Get Enough of the Scent of the Forest

Why You Can't Get Enough of the Scent of the Forest

Hands down, one of the most relaxing natural smells is the scent of the forest. The mysteries of forests are incredibly captivating. The trees close to each other, the graceful sway of the leaves, the audible sounds of wild animals, and the quiet forest breeze have a significant effect on people. But a notable characteristic of forests is its smell. You'll notice that its scent is the perfect blend of musk, wood, rain, flowers, and life.

Why is this scent so relaxing in the first place?

Many people believe that the relaxing sensation they feel while walking through a forest or smelling its scent through essential oils is 'just a feeling.' However,  this 'feeling' is scientifically-proven. 

If this sparked a bit of your curiosity, here's what you need to know about the scent of the forest and why it's incredibly relaxing:


You may be experiencing the biophilia effect

The biophilia effect is the positive sensation you feel that is evoked through a sensory experience of nature. So when you feel, smell, hear, and see nature, you get positive personal responses. With this effect, people have the urge to connect and associate with other forms of life. We are attracted to the scent of the forest because it makes us feel more relaxed.


Why you yearn to be around nature

Many people live in urban cities today. This means most people are surrounded by the concrete jungle, the noise of different kinds of transportation, and thick air pollution. Because of these factors, people crave to be surrounded by trees, serene sounds, and the forest’s smell. There is a Japanese term that focuses on this desire, and it's called "shinrin-yoku" or "forest bathing."

Forest bathing is the desire to be immersed in nature with all of your senses. It is the act of strolling through the forest mindfully, curating sensory experiences, absorbing the atmosphere, and letting go of all your stress. Because of this belief, Japan has included forest bathing in many of their healthcare therapy methods. 

The effects of forests on one's mental health are incredible. Forests are a literal all-natural way to feel more relaxed.


A dose of nature reduces stress

One way to effectively reduce stress is to walk in a natural, green environment for 20 minutes. It is said that taking these walks will reduce your stress levels because your cortisol level is lowered, and your stress hormones are broken down. For many people, going on hikes and walking through nature improve their mental state. If you can't visit a natural park or forest right now to breathe in and smell the scent of the forest,  essential oils can still give you a similar effect. 

Finally, being around nature does wonders on one's well-being because it cleanses your mental space and body. People who live in rural areas surrounded by trees suffer less from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.



Nature has a way of helping you feel more relaxed and healed. Stepping out for a few minutes to breathe in the natural forest scent can help you release and break down your stress levels. If you can't find a way to take a "nature pill" to relieve your stress, forest-scented essential oils or all-natural air fresheners can help you for the time being. It’s always good to squeeze in a moment in your day to breathe in a bit of nature and relax your mind. 

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