Who is Buffalo Scents? 

We’re glad you asked! We are a team of people who appreciate the finer things in life: the last few moments of a zoom call, the elusive “no red lights” stretch of driving, the perfect coffee grind, and yep, you guessed it – natural scents that are just plain good. 

Our mission is simple: to keep cars across the country smelling as fresh and clean as possible, without adding unnecessary chemicals. Get acquainted with Buffalo Scents and read more about our story.


How does it work?

Getting fresh, clean scents delivered right to your door is easy. It's simple, select your favorite scent. Check a box for either a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription. Finally, we'll craft your air freshener with the best oils that nature has to offer and ship it to you (for free). If you choose a monthly subscription, we'll send you a scent of your choice every 30 days (and at a 20% discount!). Voila – you've got yourself a fresh- smelling car, all year long.


Why subscribe?

You know the feeling you get when you get into your car and those bad smells hit you right in the face? We’ve all been there – whether it’s that second coffee cup you forgot to bring inside, the fast food wrapper tucked behind your seat, or the environmental pollution that seeps its way into your windows, bad smells can immediately change the way you feel about your commute. 

And although Buffalo Scents products are outstandingly fresh (we’re biased, but we mean it!), they aren’t designed to last forever. Subscribing means you never have to worry about forgetting to replace your Buffalo Scents when time takes its inevitable hold (sigh) and the fragrance disappears. With a subscription, you’ll have a new scent waiting for you right there in your mailbox, ready to keep those good scents – and good feels – moving right along. 

and did we mention that subscriptions get a pretty sweet discount, too? you’ll save 20% when you sign up for a monthly delivery of buffalo scents, saving you both time AND money. now that’s a sweet-smelling deal!

Are your air fresheners all natural? 

In a world where toxic chemicals are everywhere, it makes good sense to limit them whenever possible. We do our best to keep the nasty chemicals out of your life. Our scents rely on a proprietary formula of the best essential and fragrance oils. We make sure all of our fragrances are paraben free and formaldehyde free and unlike those flimsy paper trees at the dollar store, we never use harmful phthalates. Check out our ingredients to learn more!


How long does it last? 

Each Buffalo Scents is designed to keep its fragrance for up to 30 days.


How do I switch which scent I get?  

Changing your scent is easy! Just log in to your account before your shipment date and swap which scent you would like to be delivered the next month.


Is it easy to cancel? 

Sure thing. All you have to do is log in to your account to cancel. You should have received an account invitation via email when you first joined. Account invitation lost in your inbox? No worries! Shoot us an email at hello@buffaloscents.com and we’ll help you make one.


Who do I contact if I have a question?

We’re pros at scents – so we’re always ready to talk about our air fresheners. Reach out to our team with any questions that pop up at: hello@buffaloscents.com