Our Story

Every great movement needs an origin story. luckily for us, ours is nothing like batman’s (but like the masked vigilante, our city needs us). 

We’re a small, tight-knit team based out of buffalo, new york – a city known for brotherly love, the epic debate of bleu cheese vs. ranch, wings (yep, we just call them wings here), underdog sports teams, and snow. lots of it. 

We’ve always spent a lot of time in our cars, whether it’s stuck in traffic, navigating a snowstorm, or waiting in line to tailgate. We know all too well that a clean, fresh-smelling car can make all the difference in how you feel when you drive. Our vehicles are our second homes – and because we can’t burn incense or plug an essential oil diffuser into our cars, we wanted a more natural, fresher, and cleaner way to create a moving oasis. 

Buffalo scents was created with the core belief that air fresheners shouldn’t have to come with all the nasty chemicals. Even better, they can come in an affordable, stylish, and natural-looking design that doesn’t feel tacky or flimsy (here’s looking at you, paper trees).    


Our mission is simple: to keep cars across the country smelling as fresh and clean as possible, without adding unnecessary chemicals. We’re a new age air freshener with simple, game-changing values: good scents made from good ingredients. Elevate your air and stay fresh through every mile.