Room Spray | Forest | 4 oz
Room Spray | Forest | 4 oz

Room Spray | Forest | 4 oz

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Buffalo Scents Room Spray is specifically made to quickly freshen any room, while also providing a special scent for your entire home or car.
Forest scent room spray has a majestic redwood cedar forest scent with a nice strong thyme note running through it. This is the California redwood forest in a bottle! Hints of wild oranges, yuzu, delicate jasmine, and rosewood rest on a bed of ancient red cedar, fir needles, and fresh thyme bushes with a dry down of dark oud, amber, and cashmere musk.
This environmentally friendly, non-aerosol bottle quickly freshens any room for instant fragrance.
This effective, trusted formula is made with essential & fragrance oils, water and alcohol (to help the oils mix with the water). Plus, the plant-derived ingredients are safe to use on many fabric types (excluding delicates). Perfect for when you need to add a little fragrance to your home between cleaning days.
Made without propellants, phthalates, parabens, or artificial colors - and of course, always a cruelty free room air freshener.